3D Map v1.3.3 (Paid) APK is Here ! [Latest]

3D Map

3D Map displays Maps in 3D and in augmented reality.
Useful on trails or for outdoors activities.

Totally compatible with *off-line* mode : you can go and explore backcountry without to worry.

All downloaded data, are available when your are off-line !

3D Map has been designed to allow simple terrain navigation.

GPS positioning and sensors make it possible to locate in 3D space.
Coupled with a rendering engine, the map displays in 3D. Mountains are not flat terrain any more !

In Augmented reality mode, you’ll see the map moving in 1st person view.
Make a 360° around and you will see the map turning with you.
The map follows what you are looking !

 Supported Functionalities :

* 3D Rendering engine (2D mode available),
* Zoom scale : change zoom level,
* Inner Zoom : free zoom inside a zoom level,
* GPS current location,
* Current map altitude,
* Heading,
* Speed,
* Follow mode,
* Augmented reality mode with sensors and compass,
* Support of magnetic declination,
* Different map orientation : north, compass, GPS or manual,
* free 3D moving,
* Distance measurement,
* Share your current location,
* View tracks in 3D or 2D (KML or GPX) (see https://youtu.be/paaTniKe38M ),
* Altimetric profile of tracks,
* Track proximity detection,
* Search a place (require internet),
* Markers Management : create & edit your markers. View them on the map,
* Area download,
* SDCard support,
* Embedded documentation,

Currently not supported :

* No navigation system,
* No road navigation features,
* No track recording,

Performances & Autonomy :

3D Map has been designed and optimized for 3D mode.
The application takes advantage of available CPU core and also GPU.
Multiple cores will do the job faster and will consume less battery.

From a storage point of view, the difference with a 2D map is marginal.

Once data has been downloaded (by WIFI for best performance), the application is as fast as a video game.
A trade-of had been made to guaranty a good fidelity to performance ratio that should allows a day of use.
Tested on 6+ hours trails in Glacier National Park.


Search marker : when saving result will go in edit mode if missing data.
Fix uncommon downloading problem.


  • 3D Map Screenshot
  • 3D Map Screenshot
  • 3D Map Screenshot


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