Black Painting – CM13 theme v6.0 APK [Latest]

Black Painting – CM13 theme

Here is my black theme called Black Painting. It’s a custom theme for the CyanogenMod 13 theme engine (CMTE).
It means that you need to flash a Android Marshmallow custom ROM having the CM theme to enjoy Black Painting.

Black Painting includes many features:
★ 7 Arcus colors (blue is the default color)
You have to install the Arcus app too:
I made a video to show you how to apply a new color:
★ All CMTE features: sounds, bootanimation, font, icon pack, wallpapers and overlays (known as styles)
★ System apps: Framework, Settings, SystemUI, Dialer, Contacts, Messaging…
★ 3rd party apps

* Use the built-in dark theme for these apps
** Requires the Theme Ready Google Apps =>

– Audio FX (AOSP and Cyanogen)
– Calculator
– Calendar
– Camera (Snap)
– Cell broadcast receiver
– cLock
– Contacts
– CyanogenMod updater
– Deskclock
– Dialer
– Docs
– Gallery
– Framework
– Keyboard *
– Messaging
– Music (Eleven)
– Package installer
– Settings
– Screen recorder
– Sound recorder
– SystemUI
– Theme Chooser (CyanogenMod and Cyanogen)
– Trebuchet

– AdAway
– Arcus *
– Google Play Store 7.6.08.N **
– SuperSU *
– Xposed Installer *

Important notes:
★ Always reboot your phone after installing/updating Black Painting. This is very important to be sure that everything is correctly applied.
★ CM13 custom ROM is used to create the theme. Please contact me if you have issues with other ROMs.
★ I think everything can be improved or fixed so please contact me instead of posting a bad review.
★ Please read this guide before reporting a bug:
★ Android theming is my full-time job. Many hours have been necessary to publish the theme and several updates will come.
★ Black Painting is supporting several custom ROMs. Contact me if you have missing icons.

Additional information about Arcus
Statusbar tab: new icons for the statusbar will be applied. There is one variant for each color.
Navbar tab: after installing this variant go to the Themes menu of your ROM then select this Arcus Variant and ONLY APPLY the navigation bar! Otherwise the default (blue) theme will be applied.

What’s New
Google Play Store updated to 7.8.15.P


  • Black Painting - CM13 theme Screenshot
  • Black Painting - CM13 theme Screenshot
  • Black Painting - CM13 theme Screenshot
  • Black Painting - CM13 theme Screenshot
  • Black Painting - CM13 theme Screenshot
  • Black Painting - CM13 theme Screenshot


Black Painting – CM13 theme v6.0 APK / Mirror

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