Block Apps – More Productivity v1.05 [Premium] [Latest]

Block Apps – More Productivity

With Block you can finally get to do what you wanted to have done two hours ago, by getting back the control over your app usage. Are you a procrastinator? Then this app is perfect for you!

Spending too much time on Facebook? Block it! Still watching YouTube videos late at night? Block it!

Create schedules
You can create multiple schedules (also called blocks), where each schedule has a list of apps to be blocked. Select a time window and the days you want the apps to be blocked, and you are good to go! The schedules will be activated automatically, and idle when the screen is off to be friendly for your battery. An active block cannot be turned off, so that it prevents you from using distracting apps. Being productive, that is the plan!

Quickly start a block at any given time
To start a block immediately at any given time, just swipe it to the left in the list. Set a duration, and the apps will be blocked for that time period. Works great in combination with a Pomodoro timer.

Undo your changes
Handy little snackbars pop up at the bottom of the screen to allow you to undo any changes you made to a block. So when your plan was not do delete that block, you can press undo and the block pops right back up in your list.

A notification is displayed in the status bar to remind you of any active blocks, including their ending times. You can of course also turn off this notification if that is your preference.

Widgets can be placed on your home screen to start a block with a single press, which is ideal for studying. Place one on your home screen next to a Pomodoro timer, and you are set up for success.

Tasker support
Using Tasker to automate your workflow? You can now use it to start blocks as well! More Tasker features will be coming in the near future, and if there is anything specific you would like to see added please send me an email.


You can now keep blocks active after reboot!
Advanced schedules.
Archive your blocks for later use.
New app detection method, which is faster and saves battery.
Many layout changes.
Significant overhaul to the inner workings of the app.
Welcome Screens for new users.
New widget design.
New payment options for those who want to support the app a bit extra (completely optional, but highly appreciated).
Target Android 8.


  • Block Apps - More Productivity & Focus Screenshot
  • Block Apps - More Productivity & Focus Screenshot
  • Block Apps - More Productivity & Focus Screenshot

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Block Apps – More Productivity v1.05 [Premium] Apk / Mirror

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Block Apps – More Productivity v1.03.1 [Premium] / Mirror

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