CAHV Control PRO v1.0 (Paid) Apk Is Here ! [Latest]

CAHV Control PRO

If you do not know the platforms with micro controllers, please do not download the application, because of to operate you need a device, like Arduino, Pic or Rasberry Pi.

CAHV Control is designed to control and monitor your devices through your Android phone. With CAHV Control you can measure temperatures, distances, heart rate, humidity, pressure, presence of gases, light sound or any data that is sent by a sensor, as well as control RGB lights, control motors, lights open doors with passwords and much plus.

CAHV Control is able to maintain a communication with your Arduino device, PIC or Rasberry totally reliable, with a comfortable and intuitive interface, and a help section that will guide you with example practices that you can start immediately


  • CAHV Control Pro Screenshot
  • CAHV Control Pro Screenshot
  • CAHV Control Pro Screenshot


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