Floating File Manager v1.0 (Paid) [Latest]

Floating File Manager

File manager with OTG USB and FTP support embedded in a floating window you can move, resize, minimize or expand, just like a desktop one!

Work on one or multiple windows simultaneously, hide and restore them at any time, a perfect solution for large screen smartphones and tablets. Browse your files quickly and safely, this app does not contain advertisements nor in-app purchases.


– Tap the buttons on the top-right to, respectively, minimize (hide), maximize and close the window.  The    hidden windows are always accessible from the notifican bar.
– Drag the small icon on the bottom-right to resize the window, alternatively you can pinch on the window    area to size up and down.
– Drag the title bar to move the window around the screen
– Tap the title bar to bring the window to the front


– Permit drawing over other apps, in order to show floating windows
– Access files and media, in order to browse files in the storage

The first time you open the app you will be asked for these permissions,
note that without them Floating File Manager will not work properly.


  • Floating File Manager Screenshot
  • Floating File Manager Screenshot
  • Floating File Manager Screenshot


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