HTC One Universal Remote v3.1.6 (Patched) [Latest]

HTC One Universal Remote

Turn your phone into a universal remote control using your phone’s built-in IR transmitter. No external hardware required. No network connection required. No permissions required! Lifetime return policy! Control your TV, your Set-top Box, your Audio Video Receiver, your Amplifier, your DVD Player, your Blu-ray Player, your Air Conditioner, your Projector, your DSLR camera, your PS3, your Xbox, and more! Prank your friends, anything you’d like with this user-friendly remote control!

Additional features:
· Save each one of your devices so that you can easily access them later.
· Control all of your devices from just one screen, by creating your own custom remote, where you can add buttons from different devices in a single tab!
· Customize your remote control by changing the number of tabs, the layout, the colors, the style of each button, and more.
· Save a sequence of actions (macro) to be executed one by one. For example you can turn on your TV, turn on your cable box, wait 1 second, go to channel 100 and turn up the volume. All of these actions saved in a single button.
· Send your own custom IR code and save it to a button.
· Learn an IR code from a remote control by pointing it at your phone (learning function).
· If your device is not listed in the app, you can use the scan mode to automatically test all brands and models in order to find a compatible one.
· Back up and restore all your saved devices and remotes so that you can easily transfer them to another phone.

What’s New
Version 3.1.5
Added more brands and models upon users requests, including:
· TVs: Celestial, Cineral, Hisense, Metz, Roku, Sankey, Sony
· Cable & Satellite boxes: ADB, DSTV, Fuba, Movistar, NC+, Sky, Strong, UPC, Ziggo
· AV Receivers – Sound systems: AVM, Cary Audio, Eltax, Hama, Philco, Quad, Terris, Tevion
· DVD & Blu-ray players: Panasonic, RCA, Sanyo
· Media / Streaming players: ASRock, Tizzbird
· Projectors: Asus
· Climate control: Koppel, Quattroclima
· DSLR cameras: Nikon, Sony
and more


  • Universal Remote for HTC One Screenshot
  • Universal Remote for HTC One Screenshot
  • Universal Remote for HTC One Screenshot


HTC One Universal Remote v3.1.6 Final (Patched) APK / Mirror

HTC One Universal Remote v3.1.5 Final (Patched) APK / Mirror

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