Internet Speed Data Usage PRO v3.0 [Latest]

Internet Speed Data Usage Pro app is simple and powerful traffic/data monitor. It measures current internet speed and internet data usage. This app is designed to keep track of internet speed and usage. Current internet speed and type of internet connection are shown on the main screen – Mobile internet, WiFi internet or No internet. To go to the data usage page click clock icon in the main menu. You will see graph showing both mobile and WiFi data usage. It is also possible to chose time periods for which you want to see statistics of internet data usage. It is possible to see logs of data usage and traffic statistics for last 24 hours, last 7 days and last 30 days.

Internet speed and data usage app will help you to control your data usage and save money. It is especially useful for people who use mobile internet a lot and pay for the data usage. It is also interesting to see data usage statistics at night when phone is not in use. You might be surprised how much data apps on your phone are sending data via internet without you even knowing it. Our data usage tracking engine is made that way that even if your phone is switched off, data usage statistics will not be lost. The only way to lose internet data usage statistics is to delete the app.

This version of Internet speed – Data usage app is ads free. You can also download free version with ads.
If you are looking for an app to measure internet usage, broadband usage, mobile data usage, traffic monitor, data monitor, internet speed meter or data usage meter then Internet Speed – Data Usage is the right app for you!

What’s New
Internet speed is now shown in Status Bar.


  • Internet Speed Data Usage Pro Screenshot
  • Internet Speed Data Usage Pro Screenshot


Internet Speed Data Usage PRO v3.0 APK

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