Meteogram Pro Weather Charts v1.9.77 b452 [Paid] Apk [Latest]

Meteogram Pro Weather Charts

This weather widget (and associated app) provides a detailed and visually appealing weather forecast, allowing you very quickly to understand what to expect when you venture outdoors. The graphical format is commonly referred to as a ‘meteogram’. This is the highest-rated app of its type in the Play Store!

Key Features
★ widget and app
★ dynamically resizeable widget
★ save or share settings locally or remotely, including to/from Google Drive (PRO)
★ portrait or landscape orientation
★ support for rotating home screens (e.g. as in Nova Launcher)
★ show a meteogram in system notifications, directly on your lockscreen (PRO)
★ fixed location or follow location
★ choice of weather data provider…
★ (the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, who supply data to
★ (the US government agency, and US only)
★ (who supply data for the popular Dark Sky app for iOS)
★ (Weather Underground)
★ temperature (actual or “feels like”)
★ weather symbols (that optionally follow the temperature profile)
★ rainfall (expected, min/max)
★ moon phase
★ sunrise / sunset times and highlighted daylight hours
★ sun and moon elevations and azimuths
★ air pressure
★ tide height
★ UV Index
★ wind speed (line or arrow format)
★ wind direction (line or arrow format)
★ cloudiness (overall or by height)
★ clearness
★ dewpoint
★ visibility
★ ozone
★ support for webfonts
★ show up to 10 days
★ choice of icon set (PRO)

The app
The app provides a (near) full-screen meteogram, and is interactive. Clicking on any time point will open a pop-up with more detailed information about the weather at that time point.

The pro version gives you:

★ choice of weather icon sets
★ custom webfonts (choose any from Google Fonts)
★ system notifications (a meteogram directly on your lock screen)
★ save/load settings as default
★ save/load settings to a local or remote file (can copy settings between devices)
★ full customisation of all options
★ no messages about upgrading to pro version

1.9.77 beta:
• NEW:
• option to place numerical wind speed values alongside the wind arrows (i.e. *inside* the boxes… presently you can only place them *above* the boxes or inside the boxes but *instead of* the arrows)
• reduce number of permissions (no longer require “keep device awake”)
• option to customise the colour of the warning indications in the header (in Header Information section)
• added help links for section headings (long click on the section heading)


  • Meteogram Pro | 📊 | Weather | Tide | Widget | App Screenshot
  • Meteogram Pro | 📊 | Weather | Tide | Widget | App Screenshot
  • Meteogram Pro | 📊 | Weather | Tide | Widget | App Screenshot


Meteogram Pro Weather Charts v1.9.77 b452 [Paid] Apk / Mirror

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