MobileFocusPlus v1.3.9_20170721.0 [Paid] [Latest]



The “MobileFocus+ by EverFocus” allows you to connect to your EverFocus DVRs and IP Cameras from your smart phone. You can view video streams and control the PTZ cameras easily.

– Devices management
– Live view
– Channel control
– PTZ control
– Gesture PTZ control
– Gesture digital zoom
– Snapshot
– Full screen
– Mobile stream
– Push notification

Supported DVRs:
– Paragon Series
– Ecor HD/FHD Series
– Ecor 264 Series
– Ecor 960 Series
– EDR Series
– ELR Series
– EMV Series
– EPHD Series
– ERS Series

Supported NVRs:
– XMS Series
– EMX Series
– ENVR Series

Supported IP Cameras:
– EAN Series
– EDN Series
– ETN Series
– EFN Series
– EBN Series
– EPN Series
– EZN Series
– EHN Series
– EMN Series
– EQN Series
– EVS Series

Only Administrator user can log in these IP Cameras.
– EAN2150/2350
– EAN2218
– EDN2210/2245
– EPN2218

What’s New:
1.Add New EverFocus 3M IP Camera Model.
2.Add New EverFocus MoniVeu Series.
3.Add New EverFocus EMV FHD Series.
4.Add OSD Hide Function.
1.Fixed Elux Series Model Name.
2.Fixed PTZ Control Issue.
1.Automatically display live view from other devices connected to the XMS when there is no IP cameras connected to the XMS.
1.Demo Sites Update.


  • MobileFocusPlus Screenshot
  • MobileFocusPlus Screenshot


MobileFocusPlus v1.3.9_20170721.0 APK / Mirror

MobileFocusPlus v1.3.6_20161202.0 APK / Mirror

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