RaceChrono PRO v5.0.6 Apk Is Here [Latest]

RaceChrono PRO

RaceChrono™ Pro lap timer app can be used for almost all types of motor and outdoor sport. RaceChrono PRO has rich lap timer, analysis and video features especially designed for motor sports, making it a great alternative to traditional car, karting and motorcycle lap timers. RaceChrono PRO allows you to record videos with the integrated camera and export them with overlaid gauges to services such as YouTube.

RaceChrono PRO has following major features:

• Video recording with integrated camera
• Analysis with smooth scrolling video, map and graph screens
• Exporting to .MP4 video with overlaid gauges. Also supports .VBO, .CSV and NMEA-0183 formats.
• Gauges for viewing all live data
• Lap timer for circuit and point-to-point tracks (both standing start and flying start is supported)
• Lap list with optimal lap time calculation
• Library of over 1000 pre-made racing circuits
• Intuitive track editor for creating your own track maps
• Virtually unlimited session length; no problem recording your 24 hour endurance race.
• Bluetooth GPS support up-to 20hz (for superior accuracy over internal GPS)
• Internal GPS support
• Support for VBOX Sport, RaceDAC and OBD-II readers
• Predictive lap timing
• Time difference and time gain channels

REFUND POLICY: We do our best to make sure this application works on all devices Play Store offers it for installation. Unfortunately this is 3500 devices and we have tested only fraction of those. In case you have, within one month of the purchase, a video, or otherwise explicitly RaceChrono PRO related crash or malfunction of the application, which we cannot fix within reasonable time, we guarantee you full refund. The refund offer does not apply to compatibility issues that can be tested prior purchase with the RaceChrono Free version, such as OBD-II readers, so please test compatibility with your devices before buying!
At the moment we have known issue that the exported videos do not work properly on QuickTime media player, please use VLC media player on OSX.

What’s New

Change log for v5.0.6 for Android
– Moved Assetto Corsa and NMEA input device types behind expert setting ‘Experimental devices’
– Fixed: Corrupted .ods exports when special character was used in metadata or trap names
– Fixed: Partially broken GoPro chapter file detection
– Fixed: Rare crash in Analysis screen
– Fixed: Custom raw video storage setting


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  • RaceChrono Pro Screenshot
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