Rooms of Doom – Minion Madness v1.1.6 Mod APK [Latest]

Rooms of Doom – Minion Madness

Play as Dr. Doom’s minions where you will run, jump, slide, fly, swim and barrel blast your way through Dr. Doom’s endless rooms!

The most exciting collection of mini games known to Man! Crafted by the evil scientist Dr. Doom:
Welcome to my LAB! In my quest to take over the world, I am working to create the perfect minion! Soon Dr. Doom will be name feared by ALL! MUWAHAHAHA!

No idea is too farfetched for me. I zapped a Bee and Bear together to create BumbleBear, a rabbit and turtle to make Turbit.

Help me discover which minion combination is the most powerful by running them through my Rooms of Doom. A combination of mini games.

In my Rooms you will:
– Mix bees with bears, and TVs with snails to create crazy hybrid minions!
– Test them in the ever-changing Room’s of Doom to see how long they last!
– Upgrade minions for extra score bonuses and awesome skins!
– Unlock Rare and Epic minions with room crushing skills!
– Discover more rooms to further put your minion’s skills to the test!

Please note: Rooms of Doom is completely free to play but offers some game items for purchase with real money


1. NEW ROOM: In Birdie Blitz, the birds have arrived to give you lots and lots of good luck! Oh by good luck we mean a blitz of bird droppings!
2. NEW MINION: Toastbot arrives to help you with your anti-slime needs! Use its microwave blast to blast away slimy stuff in your way!
3. NEW MISSIONS: Dr. Doom devised 15 new missions to make your life interesting…or terrible
4. BUG FIXES: Fixed a bug causing rooms unable to be leveled up


1. Unlimited Money
2. Revive

Install Steps:
1. Download and install mod apk


  • Rooms of Doom - Minion Madness Screenshot
  • Rooms of Doom - Minion Madness Screenshot
  • Rooms of Doom - Minion Madness Screenshot

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