Superuser X Pro [Root] vL 106 [Paid] APK [Latest]


Superuser X is a simple and alternative way to grant superuser rights to rooted apps

*************Developer Note***************
“And I am no longer a slave…”

Hi guys, I have been banging my head since 4 days thinking how to thank you guys for all your love. It has been a crazy 5 years. I was stuck in a job I hated, doing things I didn’t like. I always had this urge to create, work on something which I can leave down as a legacy. Developing apps was just the right instrument to give a physical form to that urge (to create).

Started as a 20 year old college student, studying electronics, who just wanted to experiment and learn, these apps have become my bread and butter now. Everyday I wake up feeling grateful, realising I am doing exactly what I wanted to do. Support from you guys motivates me to push harder and make better apps.

I promise you, you can expect the highest quality when you download my apps and I would never leave you hanging, email me anytime at [email protected] for any queries and I would reply within 24 hrs. Also, If you feel a little generous, please buy the pro versions, to fund my late nights of work.

The only thing I want, is for you to have a great experience when you use my apps. I won’t lie, It really feels great when you guys share your love in reviews. You guys are like my extended family, love you! P.S : You can always reach out to me if you can’t afford pro versions, I would be happy to share a promocode with you.

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  • Superuser X Pro [Root] - 50% OFF Screenshot
  • Superuser X Pro [Root] - 50% OFF Screenshot
  • Superuser X Pro [Root] - 50% OFF Screenshot


Superuser X Pro [Root] vL 106 [Paid] / Mirror

Superuser X Pro [Root] vL 105 APK / Mirror

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